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There's a whole world out there...

petersanchez honked 01 Feb 2023 23:36 +0000

Random shot from walking around Geisemet neighborhood, Cartagena Colombia.

Butterflies and a woman coming out of a book that a man is reading.

petersanchez honked 28 Jan 2023 00:21 +0000

@pronto hah, I was just browsing my #unixgods combo (think list, but in #honk speak) and realized it's just you on the list. Are we the only unixgods on the Fedi or am I missing some?

petersanchez honked 25 Jan 2023 23:35 +0000

iCalendar spec, and writing code for it, is not fun.

petersanchez honked back 23 Jan 2023 20:07 +0000
in reply to: https://honk.cozysumo.space/u/goose/h/7rx81w4yppFHVKRfF8

@goose I believe it was @ols who created the original patch to select emu's in the #honk

These 4 commits are what I have in my own honk:





honk emus being honky emus

petersanchez honked 23 Jan 2023 19:58 +0000

Quick report on our (my gf and I) weekend:

Spent all day Saturday drinking mimosas and vodka w/ natural cantelope juice (it's amazing, try it) with some friends.

Spend all day Sunday eating pasta and watching Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Sopranos on our couch.

Does a better use of two free days exist?

petersanchez honked 19 Jan 2023 23:12 +0000

When you accidentally clicked "Top" on your #honk page and now you lost track of where you were and are not sure what to do with yourself anymore.

petersanchez honked 18 Jan 2023 21:24 +0000

My Pixel 7 has cell data and calling issues.

Android beta supposedly makes these issues all better but the beta introduces issues with bluetooth, especially with car connections (why?)...

Guess I'll stick with the data/calling issues because I need my BT while driving and at the gym.

Thanks Google.

petersanchez honked 18 Jan 2023 21:22 +0000

Just realized that zonking a honk has no zonk confirmation. Quick honk zonk it is then.

petersanchez honked 14 Jan 2023 18:58 +0000

I saw that using "German" is now offensive to some because "man" is in the word. Using "Germxn" is what they recommend using. I mean wtf.

petersanchez honked 11 Jan 2023 21:11 +0000

Anyone else seeing a slight uptick in fedispam? Just got asked if I would "permit an interactive session on profit-making". The user seems to have already been banned from their instance so not gonna name them but I guess this will be more common as the #fediverse grows.

petersanchez honked 11 Jan 2023 21:03 +0000

Hey @markosaric - Not sure why my payments are failing for Plausible but when I go to check/update the details I get this error page. Help?

plausible.io error page

petersanchez honked back 05 Jan 2023 19:44 +0000
in reply to: https://social.coop/users/bitprophet/statuses/109638081515698949

@bitprophet I had pretty bad COVID in Feb/March 2020 and within 6 months started experiencing really scary "heart" symptoms.

Spent months seeing doctors, EKG's, heart halters, echo cardiograms (sp?), they even had me see a therapist because they thought it was caused by anxiety, etc. Apparently I'm perfectly healthy.

Now there is new info from a large study that proves I'm not crazy:


The symptoms still exist. Sometimes it's more severe than others but I imagine I'll live with this for the rest of my life.

petersanchez bonked 04 Jan 2023 00:59 +0000
original: FranckLeroy@mastodon.online

Exactly 14 years ago , Satoshi Nakamoto designed the most pathetic / inefficient system ever invented by humankind : the blockchain.

Today, it weights 60 000 tons, wastes constantly 10 gigawatts .. to process less than 7 transactions per second :

Less than a 33 bps modem from 1990.

This could be joke if it didn't have such gigantic environmental impact, wasn't enabling billion dolllars ransomware industry and was not crushing thousands of lives in the process.

petersanchez honked 31 Dec 2022 01:05 +0000

I literally had no idea who Andrew Tate was before Gretta burned him. Feel pretty good about that.

petersanchez bonked 29 Dec 2022 20:41 +0000
original: pixelfed@mastodon.social

Instagram is trying to intimidate us with threats of legal action.

Help us bring awareness to our project by sharing this post, and consider donating if possible.

We're not giving up. #fediverse

petersanchez honked 29 Dec 2022 20:28 +0000

Has anyone ever hired a person to run their business? I'm tired of running my business, I just want to work! I just want to code cool shit, not spend hours and hours in Quickbooks or dealing with sales calls, etc.

Anyone out there want to come run my software consultancy? I'm dead serious, if you've got experience running an agency/consultancy in the tech arena or similar experience and wanna talk about this, reach out to me. Can also email me, pjs@petersanchez.com

#fedihire #bemybossplease

petersanchez honked 29 Dec 2022 20:00 +0000

Just found a place that sells vegan churrasco (think like steak w/ chimichurri) here in Managua. I can't believe it. I hope it's good, just ordered a pound to give it a try.


petersanchez bonked 29 Dec 2022 19:58 +0000
original: skulegirl@mstdn.social

Been wanting to post this for weeks but had to wait until after @ed_maste opened it on Christmas morning.

May I present the FreeBSD bobblehead knitted hat.

Pretty pleased with myself. 😆

petersanchez honked 28 Dec 2022 17:00 +0000

I really hate doing my books and I swore I'd never let them this happen again but here I am.

I've put it off long enough.

I have to do the entire year of bookkeeping for two different entities.

Basically that's what the rest of my week is going to look like.

Send booze please.

petersanchez honked 27 Dec 2022 23:34 +0000

Watched Avatar Part Deux... it was about deux hours too long.

petersanchez bonked 27 Dec 2022 23:01 +0000
original: shahaan@eldritch.cafe

The curry is a lie: "Indian food" and the invention of "curry" by British colonists

The curry is a lie: "Indian food" and the invention of "curry" by British colonists

So I was chatting with a friend recently and our conversation brought to my attention something mildly concerning about their understanding of #SouthAsian food.

They were telling me about how their mom made curry. When I inquired what kind, they were confused and asked what I meant. And when I tried to explain that there is really no such thing as "curry flavor" it kind of blew their mind.

They went to the kitchen and got the packet of curry powder to show me what they meant. Look, curry, they said. Read the ingredients, I said. This was a pivotal moment in their understanding of "Indian" food.

The reality is that if you go to an Indian* restaurant and ask for "curry" you'll get a blank stare. That's because there's no such thing as curry. It's not a flavor. It's not a type of sauce or soup base.

But look! you say, pointing to the chips aisle where there is bound to be a packet of Curry Lays or the aisle with curry-flavored instant noodles. Yeah, that's the unfortunate result of British colonialist fakery.


Basically, when the British colonizers came to South Asia and encountered food with actual flavor (ha! ​ ) they decided to export (read: exploit) it, as they do. So they made up this arbitrary mix of common spices found in a variety of different combinations in foods all over South Asia and labeled it "curry."

So what's real?

Well, there are a ton of different spices used in foods all over South Asia. Some of the most common ones are turmeric, cinnamon, red chili, cumin, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, fenugreek, fennel, mustard seeds and cloves.

And the specific combination of these spices used in any particular food varies based on the recipe for that unique food.

For example, a vegetable biryani (rice) calls for a different combination of spices than aloo channa (potatoes and chickpeas). To put it a different way, you wouldn't add the same combination of herbs and spices to an alfredo pasta sauce as you would to a pizza sauce, right?

Not just that, but the recipes for most South Asian foods are themselves subject to regional variation as well. The palak paneer (spinach and cottage cheese) my mom makes tastes very different from the same dish cooked by my sis-in-law. The difference in flavors is the result of my mom being a Parsi from Karachi while my sis-in-law is a Punjabi from Mississauga. There's no single, "correct" or "authentic" recipe!

So, next time you see curry-flavored-anything, remember how there's really no such thing. And now you know why!

*Even describing a particular South Asian cuisine as "Indian" is inaccurate and reductive because there are at least as many different types of "Indian" cuisines as there are states in India. It's like calling every East Asian cuisine "Chinese" food. Not to mention that South Asia includes Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh among others, all of whom have their own unique sets and subsets of foods.

petersanchez honked 26 Dec 2022 21:39 +0000

My Christmas weekend was spent mostly re-watching The Wire. I forgot how good S3 was and am finding new love for S4 (I didn't like it much when it originally aired)

petersanchez bonked 24 Dec 2022 00:48 +0000
original: ann@lyctor.space

writing malware that will infect a Kindle and replace all the books with ads for mexican beer. that's right, a novel corona virus

petersanchez honked 22 Dec 2022 00:12 +0000

The manager of my wax salon business wanted to have notifications every time a new appointment was made.

I've been wanting to toy with ntfy.sh for a while and never got around to it.

Well, an hour later she now has her notifications whenever a new appointment is created.

What a cool service and open source as well!

petersanchez bonked 21 Dec 2022 18:21 +0000
original: jared@social.artemai.art

A fediverse-focused news bulletin podcast hosted entirely by fediverse software? Yes please! (Please boost)

Audio version: https://tunes.artemai.art/channels/acrossthefediverse/ (or follow @acrossthefediverse@tunes.artemai.art)

Text version:
https://blog.artemai.art/~/acrossthefediverse/Bulletin%201%20-%2021%20Dec%202022 (or follow (@acrossthefediverse@blog.artemai.art)

Please get in touch if you want to be interviewed, have stories or want to contribute to upcoming episodes.

petersanchez honked 20 Dec 2022 16:03 +0000

I've got a cold. Feels mild but super runny nose. I was pretty sick about 6 weeks ago. It's not like me to be sick often so this is annoying.

Also where I live it's not easy to get COVID tests, so there's that. Isolating as much as possible in the mean time.

petersanchez honked back 20 Dec 2022 15:53 +0000
in reply to: https://yeet.ols.wtf/u/ols/h/X644j7H1zN24rx4pn7

@ols Yea, the difference is pretty clear. I never expected to stay vegan actually. I only did it to appease my daughter. Figured 30 days. I felt so much better that I said "eh, another 30 days won't hurt". After 6 months I realized I had no intention of going back.