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Father, tattooed Python and Go geek, surfer, lover of *BSDs, Linux, heavy barbells, and Soccer nut! More at https://petersanchez.com

petersanchez honked 21 Jun 2024 19:46 +0000

I just changed our search queries from to_tsquery to websearch_to_tsquery because of abusive / probing queries.

I've defeated the hackers... for now.

petersanchez honked 19 Jun 2024 00:23 +0000

Good news: new laptop arrived to my US address today.

Bad news: I won't be back in the US for a month.

Still, props to Lenovo for the earlier than expected delivery

petersanchez honked back 18 Jun 2024 22:20 +0000
in reply to: https://alpaca.gold/users/poppacalypse/statuses/112626417852800398

@poppacalypse Yea, slightly different. HYFM accounts for that situation but the idea is mostly to help people locate loved ones in an emergency. However it's a very hard product to market, because convincing ppl to enter extremely sensitive information into a remote service is obviously not something they're very comfortable with.

I've thought about open sourcing it actually to try and put some ppl at ease but I'm starting to accept that this may just be too tough of a nut to crack for our tiny company.

petersanchez honked 18 Jun 2024 22:18 +0000

Watching the Euro's today there was a Snickers commercial using "couple swapping" / swinging as the joke. I can just imagine them trying to play that in the USA where half the country went nuts because Shakira/JLo did a half time show that included some Spanish (JLo doesn't even speak the language lol).

petersanchez honked 18 Jun 2024 13:58 +0000

TIL: Don't reuse httptest.ResponseRecorders because you'll lose your f'n mind wondering why a verified header value is not actually correct in the recorder result. Good times.

petersanchez honked 14 Jun 2024 23:58 +0000

Hey @poppacalypse - Just ran across Beyond Demise and I was happy to see it's not just me who had this idea. I built HelpYouFind.Me for this purpose too. Be interesting to see how similar our ideas are. Lmk if you're interested.

petersanchez honked 13 Jun 2024 19:04 +0000

@drewdevault has a great thread about how "We turned software engineering from a craft into a product."


I was just talking with @AndrewHacks about this the other day, but more about basic systems knowledge. If it doesn't come in a docker container, devs lose their mind because they have no idea how to deploy something without it. Or if something in the container isn't working as expected, they have no idea how to begin to troubleshoot it.

I hate to be that old guy waving my fist at the clouds while yelling things about how it was "back in my day" but it's a pretty sad state of affairs.

petersanchez honked 10 Jun 2024 18:55 +0000

Had a relaxing rainy Sunday yesterday. Just watched movies all day and had some cake. Movies were:

1. Pulp Fiction - In my top 3 all time and it's leaving Netflix this week (at least here in Nicaragua) so I wanted to watch it.
2. Schindler's List - I forgot how hard it is to watch this but such a great flick.
3. Superbad - Needed to change the mood.
4. NBA Finals (not a movie but you get it)

The plan was to watch The Godfather 2 or maybe There Will Be Blood but after movie #2 I couldn't handle watching something more serious/dark next.

petersanchez bonked 10 Jun 2024 18:50 +0000
original: ploum@mamot.fr

Step to write software by human:

1. Decide what you want your software to do (medium)
2. Decide what you REALLY want your software to do in all the corner cases (very HARD)
3. Write the code (Easy to Medium)
4. Test the code (Medium)
5. Debug the code (hard to very HARD).

Now, thanks to ChatGPT, you could improve this workflow by:

- making step 3, the only easy step, somewhat easier (and thus hiring less competent engineers)

- making step 5 nearly Impossible.

petersanchez honked 07 Jun 2024 00:55 +0000

I'm a born and bred Angelino and die hard Lakers fan. That means I'm a fan of anyone playing against Boston. LET'S GO MAV'S!!!!! #nba

petersanchez honked back 06 Jun 2024 18:20 +0000
in reply to: https://honk.tedunangst.com/u/tedu/h/W8vt3yxY474361BLj9

@tedu Jumping back to this, any tips for troubleshooting this? Is there a way to (excuse how dumb this sounds) "delete our shared keys" to re-exchange them?

Can I add some extra logging to help diagnose this?

I'm just at the point where there are a handful of ppl I want to interact with on this server but none of them seem to work for me.


Outbound (GetJunkTimeout) Request: https://octodon.social/users/emersion Failed! http get status: 401

petersanchez honked 06 Jun 2024 17:56 +0000

Remember when we had OTR plugins for like ICQ and some of those other "multi-platform messenger" apps? Heh. Good times.

petersanchez bonked 06 Jun 2024 17:54 +0000
original: fuzzychef@m6n.io


Mike Karels of Berkeley Unix/BSDi died of a heart attack on his way home from BSDCon.

Karels was responsible for implementing TCP/IP on BSD, which was later ported to Linux. Since you're reading this, you are benefitting directly from his work.

RIP, Mike. We won't forget you.


petersanchez honked 05 Jun 2024 23:43 +0000

So finally pulled the trigger on a new laptop. I got the #Lenovo P14 Gen 4 (AMD). I opted for the 64gb of ram because, well, I don't know. I pretty much only use FF and vim but wth, it was only an extra hundred or so.

Thanks to @AndrewHacks for helping me decide which one to get. I've been putting this off for years so, it's about damn time.

Specs for my new Lenovo P14 Gen 4 (AMD) laptop

petersanchez bonked 04 Jun 2024 13:27 +0000
original: ols@yeet.ols.wtf

If you trust in yourself… and believe in your dreams… and follow your star… you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy.
Terry Pratchett

petersanchez honked 01 Jun 2024 13:28 +0000

#Telegram is apparently having trouble this morning. I think this is the first time I've ever noticed it down.

petersanchez honked 01 Jun 2024 13:11 +0000

I love the st terminal but maintaining my patches, etc. has been such a headache. So much so that I'm usually several versions behind because I don't want to deal with it.

I can't believe I didn't discover st-flexipatch until yesterday. I quickly used it to mirror my own st custom build + patches. What a great idea/project.

If anyone gives a crap, here's my config.h and patches.h files:


petersanchez honked 31 May 2024 22:06 +0000

When did D batteries go cylinder shaped versus rectangle? I need rectangle damn it!

petersanchez honked 31 May 2024 13:44 +0000

Finally getting around to The Outsider on #hbo and I'm hooked. Few episodes to go but just happy to see "El Coco" (and variants) being used in the main stream. Though for me as a kid, in Chicano Los Angeles we were told it's "El Cucuy" (koo-koo-eee) and of course La Llorona was always thrown in for extra scares.

petersanchez honked 30 May 2024 20:37 +0000

Anyone have a solid efnet server they can recommend? Preferably with SSL support. No matter what server I seem to pick, I can't get a stable connection. I know efnet is all but dead but I still idle there damn it! cc @pronto

#irc #efnet

petersanchez honked 30 May 2024 18:40 +0000

What's the deal with these Zionists?

And that is so much of the fascist story. People with privilege are willing to translate their general dissatisfaction into actual oppression, while mistaking the criticism they face for them being oppressed. Jerry Seinfeld is the poster boy for that phenomenon at this second, but people from Elon Musk to Samuel Alito to many others embody the it as well.